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Movie Production





Branding "Glocal"

We provide creative solution for a local product to be a "Glocal" brand. 

[What is "Glocal"?]

The word "Glocal" is combination of "global" and "local". In short, "Glocal" means "share global and work local". In the present age when the information society was established and because of crossing national boundaries, people were connected seamlessly. The lifestyle connected with the world online while living in the favorite land has been penetrating from the traditional one central city life. So, The number of talent who work in "Glocal" is increasing.

[The Glocal business can be a new upcoming standard.]

The development of this Glocal culture can be regarded as a great opportunity for the local industry that tends to be pressed by the scale of big companies in the ordinal centralized society. It is an era when there is a growing opportunity to sell their products on a global scale while being in the local area. By accurately communicating the philosophy of their products by branding, the possibility of earning profits on a global scale will expand.

[Branding is the key for the Glocal business]

In order to make the Glocal business a success, it is essential to branding products globally. Branding is "Creating ties with customers". Product philosophy symbolizes the brand. The logo is the face of a vision. Naming is a voice of ideals. The system is a body of ideals. In D/RECTION, by integrally designing these elements in accordance with globalism, we provide creative support for product philosophy to be tightly coupled with customers as a brand.


Our Service


English Translation, Logo, Copy&Naming, Implementation Design, Photography, Comps, and Finish. Deliver in 2 weeks


The ART DIRECTION PLAN plus,  Movie Production & Sales Promotion (1 time), Marketing Support (3 months)


The ART DIRECTION PLAN plus,  Movie Production & Sales Promotion (3 times), Marketing Support (6 months)




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