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Do you think we are always reasonable?

Many of us think we can explain why you like the bands you like. 

Because of the stylish design, quality of products, innovative and sexy feeling, better customer service and so on.

In this case, we could say we consciously understand why you like it.  Yes, that is true.

But, sometime, we also explain like this,

"Why? No reason, man. I just like it.", "Because I like this since I was born.",  "You don't need reason to love something!",  "I like this because everyone like this."

So, which reason companies as a brand should trust?

My answer, well I could say, my philosophy to this question is this.

"Most of the preference to brands comes from unreasonable process."

We unconsciously link each piece of brand's whole picture, such as shape, color, quality, service, social status, etc., to our past experience and memories to make preference. 

I call this automatic brain process, "subconscious networking."

"Subconscious Networking."

Many of recent research shows people use only 5% of the brain for conscious decision making and dedicate the lest of 95% to automatic preference decision.  

In other words, we could say it's been decided  unconsciously first and resonate in conscious later to justify the meaning.

Based on brain science research, I am developing  a method to identify target's subconscious preference and apply to design the mental world of the brand.